Carl Schlademan

Carl Schlademan developed an early love for nature stimulated by his innate curiosity and sense of adventure. He has developed a strong following, gaining considerable acclaim for his beautifully rendered landscapes and still life paintings.

Working mainly in acrylics, Schlademan’s wide array of subject matter includes landscapes, still life arrangements, award-winning equine paintings, as well as portraits and wildlife. His innovative approach to these subjects has made him an excellent choice for commission work, earning him a place in both private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Artwork by Carl Schlademan

A Great Silence
A Great Silence18″ x 24″
Through It All
Through It All24″ x 36″
Look at This Life
Look at This Life12″ x 36″
Sad and Blue
Sad and Blue12″ x 12″
The Depths
The Depths24″ x 48″
Making a Statement
Making a Statement36″ x 48″
To The Other Side
To The Other Side20″ x 60″
Where Did the Day Go?
Where Did the Day Go?16″ x 24″SOLD
Road to Assiniboia
Road to Assiniboia20″ x 30″SOLD
The Beginning
The Beginning36″ x 24″SOLD
Two Ways
Two Ways20″ x 60″SOLD
Mask of Gold
Mask of Gold24″ x 30″SOLD