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Roman Swiderek (originals)
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Roman Swiderek (originals) - Morning Practice
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Sunset on the Bridge II
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Hot Summer Evening at the BDI
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Portage Avenue at Colony
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Sunset on the Bridge
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Provencher Bridge
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Reflections, Leo Mol Garden
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Colony & Portage Avenue at Sunset
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Forks & CN Railway
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Winnipeg in February
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Summer in the Park
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Saffrons - Newspaper Boy
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Portage & Main, BMO
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Ellice and Spence
Roman Swiderek (originals) - The Forks
Roman Swiderek (originals) - TD Centre in Early Morning Light
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Morning Practice II
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Winnipeg in Summer
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Portage and Main South
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Artist Profile - Roman Swiderek
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Ice Field from Window
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Tango Falls
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Quiet Afternoon in Prince Island Park
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Lake Louise
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Just Arriving, Jasper, AB
Roman Swiderek (originals) - The Explosive Power of Water, Johnston Canyon
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Cloudy Morning Through Chalet Window
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Sunny Railway Station
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Deluxe Accommodation in Banff Springs Hotel
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Shopping and Business on Stephen Avenue
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Marina with Friends
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Victoria, BC, View from Beach Drive
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Park in Calgary
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Dining at the Chateau
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Saskatchewan Glacier
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Trail Along the Bow River
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Roadside on Icefield Parkway
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Athabasca Glacier from Chalet Window
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Columbia Icefield Chalet and Athabasca Glacier
Roman Swiderek (originals) - East Side of Banff Avenue, Banff Alberta
Roman Swiderek (originals) - CN Railway with Maligne Range in Horizon, Jasper
Roman Swiderek (originals) - West Side of Banff Avenue
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Victoria Harbour
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Gingerbread House, Old City Hall
Roman Swiderek (originals) - North Portage Avenue
Roman Swiderek (originals) - University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine
Roman Swiderek (originals) - University of Manitoba, Old Medical College
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Canopies of Old Market Square
Roman Swiderek (originals) - University of Winnipeg
Roman Swiderek (originals) - University of Manitoba, Centre Court
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Majestic Royal Alexandra Hotel
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Manitoba Legislative Building
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Old Town - McDermot & Arthur Street
Roman Swiderek (originals) - Assiniboine Park Pavilion

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Roman Świderek was born in Lodz, Poland, where he learned to draw and paint at the side of Professor Konstanty Mackiewicz. He worked as a designer and artist preparing large displays and images of political figures of the day.

In November 1961, Roman arrived in Winnipeg with his young family. He was immediately introduced to set designer Peter Kaczmarek who put him to work on various set designs for Rainbow Stage, Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Manitoba Theatre Centre, and the University of Manitoba. In 1965, Roman opened his first business in design and fashion, and over the years, operated four successful businesses dealing with everything from consulting design to fashion design. In 1989, Roman put the businesses aside to focus solely on his art.

Roman has travelled extensively from the east to the west coast, painting and displaying his images of Canada. In 1976, on his first summer trip to the Columbia Icefields, Roman began sketching and painting watercolour scenes of the Rocky Mountains. In 1982, the management of the Columbia Icefield Chalet invited him to display his work for the summer season. This invitation began a 13-year odyssey of painting and travelling west to the Athabasca Glacier. This spring migration ended when the iconic red chalet was taken down in the fall of 1995.

In addition to the end of an era at the Icefields, the 1997 Red River Flood of the Century kept Roman at home. In his studio on the bank of the Red River, Roman worked on a series of flood paintings that raised over $100,000 for Manitoba flood victims. This collection of thirteen watercolour paintings was purchased by Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company and donated to the City of Winnipeg.

Roman Świderek is perhaps best known for his large collection of Winnipeg city scenes. His images of Winnipeg are motivated by his strong belief in the celebration of home, and the value of capturing the past for future generations. Roman believes in making his art accessible and many of his paintings of Winnipeg scenes and landmarks are available as limited edition reproductions and art cards. The backs of all art cards carry a vignette about the city, in both official languages, and are popular with Manitobans and tourists who are looking to take home a piece of Winnipeg.

Roman Świderek works with drawings, oils and watercolours. His work is found in collections across Canada and abroad.