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Jerzy Werbel
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Jerzy Werbel - United and Peaceful
Jerzy Werbel - Burthen to the Ground
Jerzy Werbel - Rattles of the Winds
Jerzy Werbel - Lands and Times

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Werbel attended the University of Art and Education in Poland, where he first began painting. In 1990 he immigrated to Southwestern Ontario, Canada where he established his new atelier. Over the next 20 years Werbel travelled across Canada, admiring the lush visual landscapes which have been a prominent inspiration for his work. Werbel currently continues his travels through Canada documenting nature's latest installation. Werbel's work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally.

"At first glance our land is a seemingly peaceful utopia. Its violent nature of constant evolution is so subtle to the eye it is often overlooked. Our land is a burial ground and a place of birth. I admire the static elusion our landscape seems to present, hence obsessively continuing to document its latest installation."