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Doug Crook
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Doug Crook - Sparkling Waters, Lunenburg
Doug Crook - First Light
Doug Crook - Rooftops, Antagonish, NS
Doug Crook - Another Day On The Dock
Doug Crook - The House On The Corner
Doug Crook - The Old Barns
Doug Crook - Grain Elevator, Austin, Manitoba
Doug Crook - Rusting Relics
Doug Crook - The Wharf At Sunset
Doug Crook - Grain Elevators, Inglis, Manitoba
Doug Crook - Branching Out
Doug Crook - Cape George Cottage
Doug Crook - Bringing In The Traps
Doug Crook - The Sunset Years
Doug Crook - Forest Pathways
Doug Crook - Isle Madame Cottage
Doug Crook - Testing The Ice
Doug Crook - When Can I Play?
Doug Crook - Evening On The Patio

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Doug Crook has drawn and painted since early childhood. Extensive travel has given him an appreciation for a broad range of artwork. Since his retirement from banking in 2012, he has been able to devote his energy to his lifelong passion for art. A longtime resident of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Crook is constantly inspired by the beauty of the western Canadian landscape which affords an endless source of subject matter. His wife is a native of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada where the couple spends their summers. There he concentrates on capturing the beauty of the East Coast, its picturesque towns and villages, local industry and the entire coastal experience. Working in acrylics, Crook is known for his colourful landscapes and maritime paintings.