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Daryl Jones
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Daryl Jones - Hoarfrost
Daryl Jones - Morning Light Loons
Daryl Jones - Under the Elms
Daryl Jones - Autumn's Canopy
Daryl Jones - Looking For A Game
Daryl Jones - After School
Daryl Jones - Snowy Passage
Daryl Jones - Winter's Veil

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Daryl Jones is an artist of varied interests and talent. One of his favorite subject matters is the portrayal of the streets and neighborhoods of Winnipeg. His studies of children at play seem to express the vitality of ordinary people and everyday experience.

Born in Ontario in 1956, he lived in Fort Francis with his family before moving to Melville Saskatchewan where he started to paint at an early age. After the family arrived in Winnipeg in 1966, Jones studied Fine Art at the Symposium Art Studio and at the University of Manitoba, School of Art.

Daryl Jones has become known for his landscapes and city views. He has also been commissioned as a portrait artist for the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg, Investors Syndicate Limited, The Law Society of Manitoba, and the Manitoba Government. Regardless of his subject his paintings are admired for their use of colour and light.