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Connie Geerts
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Connie Geerts - Chickadee
Connie Geerts - Red Pole
Connie Geerts - Oriole
Connie Geerts - Polar Bear
Connie Geerts - Muley Doe
Connie Geerts - Little Crimson Tree
Connie Geerts - A Good Rest
Connie Geerts - Growing Together
Connie Geerts - Baby Bear
Connie Geerts - Barred Owl
Connie Geerts - White Bear
Connie Geerts - Winter Coat
Connie Geerts - Great Horned Owl
Connie Geerts - Vermillion and Cream
Connie Geerts - Particles of Crimson

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Connie Geerts was born in 1965 and raised in rural Ontario, Canada. In 1985 she moved to the West coast and started her art career.

A passion for nature and a keen sense of colour are the guiding impulses behind Connie’s paintings. The Fauvists, Vincent Van Gogh and contemporary painter Wolf Kahn provide some of the inspiration for her brightly hued landscapes. Delicate brush work layered thinly in acrylics add up to luscious colour, creating paintings of unique charm.

Connie has attended a number of professional development courses to increase her skills and to support her continuing growth as an artist. Now living in Calgary, Alberta, Connie Geerts’ work can be found in galleries across Canada.

Artist Statement
Growing up in rural Ontario, Canada, gave me an appreciation of nature that always been an influence in my work.  I am attracted to the patterns and spaces of the country, both man-made and natural.

My subject matter is usually simplified, but remains representational.  I draw inspiration from the work of colourists like Vincent Van Gogh and contemporary artist Wolf Kahn.   My other career as a video editor since 1989, has also influenced my painting style.  My brush strokes bring to mind the broken look of digital imagery, adding a completely contemporary feel to my work.

I lay down acrylic paint thinly, creating a multi-layered painting of delicate brush strokes that blend in the eye of the viewer into a vibration of luscious colour.  Through the use of colour and composition I establish a mood, giving a sense of time and place rather than an accurate representation of a geographical location.

Connie Geerts

Professional Development
2004 – Design and Collage – Leading Edge Workshops – Calgary, AB
2000 – Sculpting and mold-making – San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
1999 – Symphonic Composition - Vancouver Academy of Art - Vancouver, BC
1995 – Painting and Art History – Paris and Montaiguet le Blanc, France
1984 – Advertising Art – Fanshawe College, London, ON, Canada

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2004 - Centennial  Gallery – “Lighthearted” Calgary, AB, Canada
2003 - Centennial Gallery – “A Matter of Perspective” Calgary, AB, Canada
2003 - Vicious Circle – “Quips from the Source” Calgary, AB, Canada
2000 - Cosmopolis Gallery - “Bright Ideas” Vancouver, BC, Canada
1999 - Cosmopolis Gallery – “Pick a Door” Vancouver,  BC, Canada
1999 - Virgin Records – “Café Culture” Vancouver, BC, Canada
1999 - Taf’s Gallery – “Urban Immigrant” Vancouver, BC, Canada
1997 - The Old School House Gallery – “Other Beasts” Qualicum, BC, Canada

Plus Several Group Exhibitions 1990 to 2005

Centennial Gallery – co-operative member (2002)
Calgary Artist’s Society (2002)
Night of Artists – co-operative member (2000)
Vancouver Island Sculptor’s Guild (1994-96)

Selected Collections
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
CTV Television Broadcasting – Toronto, ON, Canada
CTV Television Broadcasting – Vancouver, BC, Canada
Delta Burke – Hollywood, California
Private Collections in North America, Europe and Australia

Publications / Media
2005 – NOA Magazine – full page
2004 – National Television Commercial – Pizza Hut
2003 – Feature – “Where” Magazine – Calgary, AB, Canada
2003 – Movie of the Week – “The Great Goose Caper”
2002 – Television Series – “Tom Stone” (seasons 1 & 2)
2000 – Magazin’Art Biennial Guide to Canadian Artists
2000 – Vancouver Television – news feature
1999 – CTV Television - The Vicki Gabereau Show
1998 – Vancouver Television – interview
1998 – CHEK Television – “Nanaimo Report” feature
1998 – Shaw Cable – interview
1997 - CHEK Television – news feature
1997 – CHEK Television – “CHEK Around” interview
1997 – Shaw Cable – interview
1995 – CHEK Television – “CHEK Around” interview

Related Activities
1987 - 2004 – CTV ENG video editor (Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary)
2000 - 2003 – Set decoration and props construction
2003 -  Volunteer – Calgary Allied Arts Foundation acquisitions committee
1998 - Art Co-ordinator – Vancouver Television
1997 -  Media Co-ordinator – Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild