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Robert Roy
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Robert Roy - La tradition
Robert Roy - Le grand but
Robert Roy - Le temps de vivre
Robert Roy - Super héros
Robert Roy - Créer l'ambiance
Robert Roy - Evasion
Robert Roy - Journee amusante
Robert Roy - Espace intime
Robert Roy - Etre actif
Robert Roy - Les voisins
Robert Roy - Les vedettes
Robert Roy - Souviens-toi
Robert Roy - L'entraînement
Robert Roy - Charme de l'hiver
Robert Roy - Beaute d'hiver
Robert Roy - Calme et paix
Robert Roy - Hommage au Jets Winnipeg
Robert Roy - Souveneir olympien

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Robert Roy was introduced to painting by his father who instilled in him an ever lasting passion for this form of art.

He studied drawing at the University of Québec in Trois-Rivières.

The solid art education base he learned there has let him develop his own and unique style all along the past twenty years.

Although he prefers people as well as the beauty of the human forms (and this can be seen through his streets scenes full of expression and movement), Robert is mad about cows. But, relax! Don’t have a cow! You could see them in the very center of Toronto, Boston or Montreal as well as in his beloved bucolic pastures.

He uses charcoal and ink to capture the subject which becomes full of vibrant oil colors.

Robert describes his style as expressionist. Actually, starting with a figurative approach, he embellishes it with his own very recognizable style of brush strokes and loose treatment of the subject.

Roy’s involvement with painting is largely emotional. His maturity and his experience have resulted in his ability to translate any given subject into his own special “feeling”.