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New Artist Monique Fillion
Must see abstracted landscapes!
May 13 - Jun 6, 2015

We would like to formally welcome Monique Fillion into the Woodlands Gallery family of artists! We couldn't be more excited to be representing her unique abstracted landscapes!

We first met Monique in 2013 shortly after she retired from a successful career in education. In this short time, Monique has been very prolific and has carved out a unique style of painting that continues to evolve and progress. Within each brushstroke, Monique is able to create juxtaposition between controlled lines and free sweeping gesture across the canvas. This innovative combination creates movement that dances throughout her times scapes.

Her original style coupled with determination will help her to establish herself as a professional Canadian artist and we couldn't be happier to help her on her journey. Monique's paintings are on display in the gallery throughout May.

"Everything we do leaves a trace. Nothing is ever lost. Every action leaves a mark. Over time, these traces intertwine, fuse and separate to create the shapes of our experience." - Monique Fillion

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Traces 1:15
Traces 12:18
Places 6:07
Places 11:29
Places 6:14
Places 9:18
Geoscape 3:14
Geoscape 6:29