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SAP: Nurtured
Shelley Vanderbyl and Stephanie McGregor
June 8 - Aug 1, 2017
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
This June, Woodlands Gallery's SAP returns with two new artists. To meet your demand for local work from local artists, our Supplementary Artist's Program features contemporary emerging artists from Manitoba for a limited engagement. This mutual experiment provides artists with gallery exposure and builds on our mandate to support Canadian artists. Nurtured, our second special exhibition will showcase work created in the context of healing. Nurtured will feature artworks from Shelley Vanderbyl and Stephanie McGregor related to their unique restorative processes.

McGregor's series of paintings of animals are fantastically rendered in acrylic. Her loving depictions serve as spiritual inspiration and magical guides, as explained by MacGregor, tenderly addressing her need to nurture beauty in her small world.

Vanderbyl was inspired to paint Memory Tales while listening to vintage recordings of fairy tales and nursery rhymes during her first pregnancy. She painted the images as she remembered them from her own childhood. The oil paintings on card stock are antiqued: edges aged and darkened to reflect the age of the story or nursery rhyme.

Vanderbyl's Medicine Tins or Pocket Paintings express her deep want and need to heal. She imagines them as a respite, paintings meant to inspire relaxation and restoration. Many of the images are inspired by her memories of travelling through Europe, in particular impressions of Switzerland which remains a remembered site of solace for Shelley Vanderbyl. The unique vintage tins are fit with gessoed paper and minutely layered with loose brush strokes, allowing spontaneous landscapes to emerge and coalesce.

Both Vanderbyl and McGregor display a devotion to simple living, to helping and healing people through art as medicine. Please join us Thursday, June 8th for a celebration of these artists and the opening reception of Nurtured.