Gallery Artist Submissions

Our Gallery Artists have ongoing representation with us, which means we’ll usually have a small collection of each artist’s work in the gallery for viewing at all times. Many of these artists also have representation with other galleries across Canada, some internationally, but in Winnipeg their work can be found exclusively through Woodlands Gallery. 

Throughout the year our Gallery Artists are featured in an ongoing rotation of displays in the gallery curated by our gallerists. Selected Gallery Artists may be chosen for solo, duo or group exhibitions throughout their representation. Many exhibition pieces get framed for display (at no cost to the artist) with either a custom frame or something from our assortment of gallery frames.

Your work should have a unique and identifiable style that is consistent and somewhat predictable. Your style should be developed enough to be easily recognized as your own by collectors and dealers. 

Consistency in pricing is a must. An established pricing formula and periodic increases, according to the demand of your work, will add more long term value and credibility. Most artists establish a price list on a sliding scale according to size or series. Discounting and price inconsistencies not only devalues your work, but confuses collectors and dealers.

There are so many spectacular artists who apply, but deciding factors range widely and often depend on timing and what’s going on in the gallery. We may add up to three or four new gallery artists per year but other times none for a couple years. Even if your artwork could be a great fit, we may already represent (or have approached) an artist with a similar painting style.

If you’ve made a submission in the past, don’t hesitate to apply again in the future. 

We accept submissions for Gallery Artists throughout the year by email only. Submissions are saved and reviewed periodically. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, they may not be reviewed immediately and we may not have the opportunity to respond to each one.

If you are interested in being considered for representation as a Gallery Artist at Woodlands Gallery, please email

Please use the subject line “Your Name, Gallery Artist Submission” and include the following.

  • Cover Letter or Statement about why you feel your work would be a great fit with Woodlands Gallery
  • 6 to 10 Images of Recent Work, completed within the last year
  • Artist Biography
  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Current Retail Price List, of unframed works
  • Links to Website and Social Media