Carolyn Klassen

Carolyn Klassen grew up on a farm in Western Manitoba with a love for the prairies and rural life. With the guidance of her mother she learned to sew, and became enthralled by the possibilities of scrap fabrics from her mother’s sewing.

As an experienced quilter and sewer, Klassen uses high-quality materials, including hand-dyed and batik fabrics, while employing a multitude of art-quilting techniques to emulate her dreamy landscapes.

These hand-made quilted ‘postcards’ are based on Klassen’s personal photographs from various places in Manitoba. Each one is handmade, varying in colour, texture, and detail, inspiring a sense of what is unseen in the world, and in Klassen’s view, the spiritual.

Artwork by Carolyn Klassen

June's Evening
June’s Evening11″ x 14″
Take Me Home
Take Me Home5″ x 7″
Fading Light
Fading Light5″ x 7″
After the Storm
After the Storm5″ x 7″SOLD
Filtered Light
Filtered Light5″ x 7″
Starry Night
Starry Night5″ x 7″
October Sky
October Sky5″ x 7″