Claudette Castonguay

Claudette Castonguay was born in Quebec in 1949. After retiring from teaching, she began painting professionally and has done so for over 25 years. Working with acrylics and collage, she portrays whimsical animals, playful children, and market gardens, reflecting on the Quebecois “joie de vivre” with a twist of elegance.

Her paintings are represented by galleries across Canada.

Artwork by Claudette Castonguay

The Beautiful Season
The Beautiful Season18″ x 24″
Rue du petit café
Rue du petit café12″ x 24″
Angelina10″ x 12″
The Tourists
The Tourists20″ x 16″
A Wonderful Saturday
A Wonderful Saturday24″ x 12″
Angels for the Peace
Angels for the Peace12″ x 16″
Artist Studio
Artist Studio24″ x 30″
Le gout du silence
Le gout du silence12″ x 24″SOLD
At the End of the Afternoon
At the End of the Afternoon16″ x 20″SOLD
The Charming Smiles
The Charming Smiles12″ x 16″SOLD
Saturday Morning
Saturday Morning12″ x 10″SOLD