Connie Geerts

Connie Geerts was born in 1965, in rural Ontario, where she developed a deep appreciation for nature. Her brightly hued and sometimes cellular landscapes and animals are inspired by the Fauvists, Vincent Van Gogh and contemporary painter Wolf Kahn. Delicate brush work layered thinly in acrylics add up to luscious colour, creating paintings of unique charm.

Geerts’ lives and practices her art in Calgary, Alberta. Her work can be found in galleries across Canada.

Artwork by Connie Geerts

Closer Than Ever
Closer Than Ever18″ x 18″
Bright Autumn
Bright Autumn16″ x 20″
Protection8″ x 10″
Wind and Windmills
Wind and Windmills30″ x 30″
A Cloudy Day
A Cloudy Day12″ x 16″
Spring Field
Spring Field18″ x 18″
Spring on the Farm
Spring on the Farm12″ x 10″
Roots8″ x 8″
Loving Autumn
Loving Autumn12″ x 10″
Baby Bear
Baby Bear20″ x 10″
Vermillion and Cream
Vermillion and Cream36″ x 30″
Polar Bear
Polar Bear14″ x 10″
Particles of Crimson
Particles of Crimson24″ x 48″
Little Crimson Tree
Little Crimson Tree16″ x 16″
White Bear
White Bear20″ x 16″SOLD
Moose in the Reeds
Moose in the Reeds8″ x 10″SOLD
Winging It
Winging It14″ x 14″SOLD
The Urge to Head South
The Urge to Head South20″ x 60″SOLD
Growing Together
Growing Together24″ x 18″SOLD
Busy Bumble
Busy Bumble8″ x 4″SOLD
Cubs8″ x 10″SOLD
Life to Come
Life to Come16″ x 16″SOLD
Scottie16″ x 16″SOLD
Chilly Robin
Chilly Robin6″ x 6″SOLD