Elaine Brewer-White

As a graduate of The Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1986, Elaine Brewer-White has spent 35+ years creating in clay. She lives in Fort Langley, British Columbia where she works in her home studio.

From public gallery installations to commercial gallery shows, portrait commissions to outdoor murals, large platters to flower vases, she continues her romance with this versatile medium.

Through the years the constant in her work is her pursuit of joy and wonder. Elaine also has 2 beautiful daughters, 2 cats, 1 dog, and one husband – Gordon White – a master clown with Cirque du Soleil!

Her morning mantra – Carpe diem – and, gratitude for all that comes her way.

Artwork by Elaine Brewer-White

Red Raven Mug
Red Raven Mug5″ x 4″
Mountain Canoe Mug
Mountain Canoe Mug5″ x 4″
Blue Poppy Mug
Blue Poppy Mug5″ x 4″
Small Raven Plate
Small Raven Plate7″ x 9″SOLD
Small Canoe Plate
Small Canoe Plate7″ x 9″
Canada, eh?
Canada, eh?8″ x 8″
Migration pattern
Migration pattern20″ x 7″
WallWorks: Laughing Ladies
WallWorks: Jump for Joy
WallWorks: Jump for Joy8″ x 14″SOLD
WallWorks: Grizzly Dreams
WallWorks: Grizzly Dreams8″ x 21″SOLD
WallWorks: Lady Diver
WallWorks: Lady Diver14″ x 5″SOLD
WallWorks: Male Swimmer
WallWorks: Male Swimmer11″ x 7″SOLD
WallWorks: Mona Lisa
WallWorks: Mona Lisa10″ x 8″SOLD
Blue Raven Mug
Blue Raven Mug5″ x 4″SOLD
Blue Poppy Pitcher
Blue Poppy Pitcher11″ x 7″SOLD
Large Poppy Plate
Large Poppy Plate11″ x 20″SOLD