Jamie McCallum

Jamie McCallum grew up on a cattle ranch just south of Brandon, Manitoba, where she developed a deep appreciation for the prairies. After studying graphic design in North Dakota, McCallum moved to British Columbia where she practiced her art alongside friend and mentor, Angela Morgan. 

McCallum’s whimsical paintings push visual proportions, challenging the boundaries of colour, form, and texture with sensuous oil paints. Her work is reflective of her roots to the prairies and ’the farm girl [she has] always been.’

She lives and works just outside Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba.

Artwork by Jamie McCallum

The Wild Ones
The Wild Ones16″ x 16″
Summer Sirens
Summer Sirens10″ x 20″
Study: Snowflake
Study: Snowflake8″ x 8″
Study: Freshly Frozen
The Best, By Par
The Best, By Par16″ x 16″SOLD
Study: Fore-get Me Nots
Study: Fore-get Me Nots12″ x 12″SOLD
Study: Love Match
Study: Love Match12″ x 12″SOLD
Study: Here Comes the Sun
Study: Pup-scicles
Study: Pup-scicles12″ x 12″SOLD
Study: Socially Distant
Study: Socially Distant12″ x 12″SOLD