Jennifer Caie

Jennifer Caie divides her time between the studio and hiking trails that surround her home in the heart of Northwestern Ontario.

Inspired by the Canadian wilderness and how the elements shape its features, Caie’s work explores themes of movement, light, and connection. Using acrylics, she sets light and dark tones together, creating tantalising tension and lively brushstrokes that whisk us into her paintings.

Born in Winnipeg, work carried Caie and her family across Northern Canada for many years, eventually landing her in Dryden, Ontario in 2016. A self-taught artist and professional painter, she is an Elected Member of Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and Associate Member of Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA). Her work is held in private collections across Canada.

Artwork by Jennifer Caie

Winter Sunshine
Winter Sunshine36″ x 36″
Still Standing
Still Standing30″ x 40″
Then We'll Dance
Then We’ll Dance12″ x 12″
The Forest is Lit
The Forest is Lit36″ x 36″
Paths of Light
Paths of Light48″ x 24″
The Colours of Fall
The Colours of Fall18″ x 36″
Energy36″ x 36″
Earth's Lungs
Earth’s Lungs36″ x 18″
Surface Roots
Surface Roots24″ x 18″
Signs of Spring
Signs of Spring8″ x 8″
Just Breathe
Just Breathe24″ x 24″
Happy36″ x 12″
Where the Turtles Are
Where the Turtles Are20″ x 20″
Better Together
Better Together20″ x 16″
Sunsetting Shoreline
Sunsetting Shoreline16″ x 20″
Go With the Flow
Go With the Flow12″ x 12″
Pearl Necklace
Pearl Necklace12″ x 12″
Brighter Days
Brighter Days24″ x 24″
Majestic40″ x 16″
Cherished30″ x 24″
Character Sketch
Character Sketch20″ x 10″
Nightfall12″ x 12″SOLD
Synergy20″ x 10″SOLD