Jerzy Werbel

Jerzy Werbel attended the University of Art and Education in Poland, where he first began painting. In 1990 he immigrated to Southwestern Ontario, Canada where he established his new atelier. Over the next 20 years he travelled across Canada, admiring the lush visual landscapes which have been a prominent inspiration for his work.

Werbel’s paintings of twisted trees growing on the shores of Western Ontario are reminiscent of the Group of Seven. Inspired by Canada’s defiant and ever-changing landscape, his graphic painting style and distinctive black lines create striking silhouettes set against calm waters.

His work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally.

Artwork by Jerzy Werbel

Distant Twilight
Distant Twilight48″ x 36″
Here Comes The Sun
Here Comes The Sun32″ x 24″
Burthen to the Ground
Burthen to the Ground40″ x 30″
Against The Wind
Against The Wind30″ x 24″
United and Peaceful
United and Peaceful36″ x 48″SOLD
Rattles of the Winds
Rattles of the Winds48″ x 36″SOLD