Kathleen Shellrude

Kathleen Shellrude was born in Winnipeg in 1976 and graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 2005. She then taught internationally and worked for the well-being of street involved women. After a lengthy hospitalization in 2015, Shellrude unexpectedly began her career as an artist by filling dozens of art journals in order to work through clinical depression and addiction. Since then she has created hundreds of paintings, experimenting with mixed media, such as resin, bits of paper, and acrylic paint. Her whimsical creatures and dreamlike landscapes offer solace to both Shellrude and viewers. She states “everyone needs compassion, and this collection is either willing to lend that to you or encourage you to gift it to others.”

Artwork by Kathleen Shellrude

Kitty Bear
Kitty Bear8″ x 8″
Sweet Bear
Sweet Bear10″ x 8″
Hopeful8″ x 8″
Bunny Girl
Bunny Girl8″ x 8″
A Brave Dreamer
A Brave Dreamer8″ x 8″
Travelling8″ x 8″
No Regret
No Regret8″ x 8″
Own Your Dreams
Own Your Dreams8″ x 10″
Looking Down
Looking Down8″ x 10″
Windswept10″ x 6″
Kitty Alien
Kitty Alien12″ x 9″
Heart and Soul
Heart and Soul12″ x 9″
So Giddy
So Giddy12″ x 9″
Whisper To My Heart
Whisper To My Heart12″ x 9″