Megan MacDonald

Megan MacDonald (Crows Nest Art Studio) is an encaustic and mixed media artist living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“The possibilities that encaustics offer seem unlimited and the depth that can be created with encaustics is unique. It provides the ability to build up texture and the surface of the work and then scrape back, carve in and fuse. Building up and breaking down, constantly adjusting. Encaustic is so tactile, I love the myriad of possibilities the medium offers. I feel it encourages everyone to explore and discover their own unique voice. The studio enables me to share my passion for painting in encaustic and various approaches to working in the medium.”

Artwork by Megan MacDonald

Home For a Rest
Home For a Rest10″ x 10″
Glow10″ x 10″
Solstice8″ x 10″
Magpie @ Heart
Magpie @ Heart12″ x 9″
Shine On
Shine On8″ x 8″
Daisy with Gold
Daisy with Gold4″ x 3″SOLD
White Heart
White Heart7″ x 5″SOLD
Soft Pink Heart
Soft Pink Heart4″ x 3″SOLD
Red Dotty Heart
Red Dotty Heart4″ x 3″SOLD
Deep Purple Heart
Deep Purple Heart4″ x 3″SOLD