Melan – (Melanie Simard)

Melan (Melanie Simard) was born in 1975 in Boischatel, Québec and has been creating art since childhood. Her two distinctive painting styles are reflective of her curiosity in materials and design.

Whether creating bold floral paintings or loose abstract works, Simard often adds mixed media to her work. She experiments with colour and texture through the use of beads, resin, drips, and spray paints. Despite this wide array of materials, each painting comes together in perfect harmony.

Simard’s work is represented in galleries across Canada.

Artwork by Melan – (Melanie Simard)

Couple adore
Couple adore30″ x 30″
Une certain autorite
Notre vie en rose
Notre vie en rose36″ x 6″
Établir son destin
Établir son destin40″ x 40″
Energie enfantine
Energie enfantine12″ x 12″
en grand forme
en grand forme36″ x 6″
Eclectique union
Eclectique union40″ x 40″
Coup d'éclat amoureux
Coup d’éclat amoureux48″ x 36″SOLD
Bonbons de douceurs
Bonbons de douceurs36″ x 6″