Michaela Hoppe

Based in Saskatchewan, Michaela Hoppe’s work is motivated by ‘the small hidden places that tell secrets and stories left by people long gone’ and the intrinsic charm of the surrounding prairies. She has been painting since high school, finding inspiration from the Saskatchewan landscape and her travels abroad.

Beginning with a photograph, Hoppe’s paintings are inspired by the light, colour, or line of an image. Lounging figures steeped in thought appear among lush foliage and rolling plains in her dreamy and novelesque paintings. 

Her work is represented in galleries across Canada.

Artwork by Michaela Hoppe

Rebirth From Ruin
Rebirth From Ruin40″ x 32″
Lost Things
Lost Things18″ x 30″
Fields of Sunshine II
Fields of Sunshine II24″ x 30″
A Part of Your Story
A Part of Your Story18″ x 24″
Rainbow Glow
Rainbow Glow24″ x 18″
Into The Woods
Into The Woods24″ x 24″
Daydreamer36″ x 18″
Unfold24″ x 24″SOLD
Battle Royale
Battle Royale24″ x 24″
Alone Together
Alone Together48″ x 30″
Soft Summer Glow
Soft Summer Glow24″ x 36″
A Hike With Dad
A Hike With Dad30″ x 30″
Moments In The Woods
Moments In The Woods40″ x 32″
Thinking About Frogs
Thinking About Frogs16″ x 24″
Patience24″ x 30″