Michelle Pereira

Michelle Pereira is an emerging artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a degree in Industrial Design from the Florence Design Academy in Italy. Growing up in the Caribbean, before moving to Winnipeg at age 14, instilled a love and appreciation for nature that directly influences her vibrant palette.

While living in Vancouver Pereira studied 3D Design at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. It was this time spent on the West Cost that inspired her to capture the beauty of land and water with a paintbrush. In Summer 2021, she exhibited a collection of Clear Lake themed paintings in the retail portion of Wasagaming Community Arts.

Working in acrylics on panel and canvas, Pereira creates cheery still life and landscape paintings that are soaked in sunlight and splashed with citrus. Her miniature and medium-sized works invite us to sip a refreshing mojito and beckon us to dip our toes in sparkling waters!

Save The Date: Michelle Pereira’s first exhibition SAP: Sun-Kissed opens Saturday May 28th! Artist Reception 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Artwork by Michelle Pereira

Marmalade8″ x 8″
Rum Punch
Rum Punch8″ x 8″
Negroni II
Negroni II6″ x 6″
Mojito6″ x 6″SOLD
Blueberry Jam II
Blueberry Jam II8″ x 8″SOLD
Vitamin C
Vitamin C8″ x 6″SOLD
Rays8″ x 6″SOLD
Juicy8″ x 8″SOLD
Strawberry Jam 2
Strawberry Jam 28″ x 8″SOLD
A Grilled Cheese a Day
A Grilled Cheese a Day8″ x 8″SOLD
When Life Gives You Oranges
A Clear Lake Sunset
A Clear Lake Sunset8″ x 8″SOLD
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Jam8″ x 8″SOLD
Jug Island
Jug Island8″ x 8″SOLD
View From the Ferry
View From the Ferry8″ x 16″SOLD
Footprints10″ x 10″SOLD
Morning Paddle
Morning Paddle16″ x 16″SOLD
Breakfast 1
Breakfast 18″ x 8″SOLD
Kayaks24″ x 18″SOLD
Breakfast 2
Breakfast 28″ x 8″SOLD
Breakfast 3
Breakfast 38″ x 8″SOLD
Breakfast 4
Breakfast 48″ x 8″SOLD
Morning Walk
Morning Walk16″ x 12″SOLD
Calm9″ x 12″SOLD