Monica Morrill

Raised on Southern Vancouver Island, Monica Morrill grew up exploring the beaches, forests, and mountains of the West Coast. After leaving the island for her university education she spent the following years living in various regions across Canada, all of which have greatly influenced her paintings.

A self-taught artist, Morrill paints colourful, graphic landscapes using a layered technique depicting calm bodies of water and fantastic skies. She aims to capture the tranquility and supernatural aspects of the natural world around us. She currently resides on Vancouver Island with her family.

Artwork by Monica Morrill

Northern Radiance X
Northern Radiance X24″ x 30″
Island Nights III
Island Nights III20″ x 20″SOLD
Weekend Escape IV
Weekend Escape IV18″ x 24″SOLD
Northern Flame III
Northern Flame III24″ x 24″SOLD
Fireside II
Fireside II18″ x 18″SOLD
Riverside12″ x 12″SOLD
Serene Summer
Serene Summer24″ x 24″SOLD
Evening Sky
Evening Sky30″ x 40″SOLD
Under the Stars
Under the Stars12″ x 12″SOLD
Swirling Sky
Swirling Sky30″ x 40″SOLD
Summer Paddle
Summer Paddle12″ x 12″SOLD