Monique Fillion

Born in Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, Monique Fillion is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with paint, digital photography and video. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba and has shown her work in Manhattan, New York and in several galleries in Western Canada and three of her paintings are in public collections.

Fillion’s paintings are metaphorical, abstract, and rather meditative. They refer to the vibrant and changing aspect of the relationships between entities. Thin layers of paint are applied with sweeping intent, each brush stroke informing the next, allowing the image to take shape organically.

Her digital images explore how we relate to the objects and places that we inhabit. The photographs are imbued with motion and light. The reverberation of the light traces has a sound-like quality that animates the landscapes and gives voice to the trees.

Artwork by Monique Fillion

La voix des arbres 22
La voix des arbres 2216″ x 24″
La voix des arbres 23
La voix des arbres 2316″ x 24″
La voix des arbres 16
La voix des arbres 1616″ x 24″
Les voix des arbres 18
La voix des arbres 20
La voix des arbres 2024″ x 16″
La voix des arbres 11
La voix des arbres 1116″ x 24″
Ice landscapes 15
Ice landscapes 1510.5″ x 16.5″
Balanced40″ x 30″
In Passing
In Passing8″ x 8″
Interaction30″ x 30″
Community II
Community II36″ x 36″
Birth36″ x 36″
Undergrowth30″ x 24″
Subsonic18″ x 36″
August Dusk
August Dusk40″ x 40″SOLD
Regeneration24″ x 24″SOLD
Engaged24″ x 24″SOLD
Syncopation36″ x 36″SOLD
Strength10″ x 10″SOLD