Nicki Ault

Based in Saskatchewan, emerging artist, Nicki Ault works mainly in oils, capturing the elusive light and changing seasons of the prairies that surround her.

Beginning with her own reference imagery, Ault shapes her paintings using airy brushstrokes and soft colour palettes, beautifully capturing the serene atmosphere of the wild grasslands, expansive skies, and northern lakes she explores.

Named a ‘SaskGalleries Artist to Watch in 2020’, Ault paints full-time and is represented by galleries across Western Canada. Her paintings are held in corporate collections in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and private collections internationally.

Artwork by Nicki Ault

The Sky Above
The Sky Above32″ x 40″
Spring Fever
Spring Fever16″ x 20″
Scatter30″ x 30″
Forest Light
Forest Light10″ x 10″
Winter Nocturne
Winter Nocturne10″ x 8″
Gentle Rain
Gentle Rain20″ x 16″
Fuchsia Sunset
Fuchsia Sunset10″ x 10″SOLD
Summer Joy
Summer Joy10″ x 10″SOLD
Lakeland Solitude
Lakeland Solitude20″ x 16″SOLD
As The Day Cools
As The Day Cools20″ x 20″SOLD
Illuminated Marsh
Illuminated Marsh10″ x 8″SOLD
Morning10″ x 10″SOLD
Rain-Soaked10″ x 10″SOLD
Expressive Prairie
Expressive Prairie10″ x 10″SOLD
The Contrary Prairie
The Contrary Prairie12″ x 12″SOLD
Prairie Complementaries
Prairie Complementaries12″ x 12″SOLD
Soft Prairie Light
Soft Prairie Light20″ x 16″SOLD
Stubble10″ x 10″SOLD
Rustle40″ x 30″SOLD