Paul Reimer

Paul Reimer was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1974 and moved to Crawford Bay, British Columbia as a child. He began a blacksmithing apprenticeship at the Kootenay Forge under John Smith. At 20, he became the head blacksmith at Fort Steele Heritage Town, just outside of Cranbrook. In 2001, he began his own blacksmithing business with six employees.

Today, Paul lives with his wife and two children in Cranbrook. Family and community involvement are the most important elements of Paul’s life. Through his early public art projects he was able to facilitate substantial positive changes in the way that people in Cranbrook relate to their community and to each other. He has since, been able to bring that same spirit of community building with public art projects to many other cities.

Artwork by Paul Reimer

Below The Falls
Below The Falls12″ x 9″
Little Sand Creek
Little Sand Creek15″ x 13″
The Sound of Water
The Sound of Water10″ x 9″
Worn By Grain
Worn By Grain35″ x 8″
From The Pool
From The Pool37″ x 8″
Plateau22″ x 16″
Wheat Field's Child
Precipice12″ x 8″SOLD
Watchful12″ x 7″SOLD