Peter Wyse

Peter Wyse was born in 1970 in Kamloops, British Columbia. He works from his home studio in the historic village of Clayburn, just east of Vancouver. He shares this charming space with his wife, son, and labradoodle ‘Scout’.

He was introduced to art at an early age through his grandfather, R.E.Walker, who schooled his grandson in the practice of painting and the discipline required by an artist. He later studied art history and fine arts at the University of British Columbia. 

His eclectic art interests range from Matisse and Rothko to the murals of Mesoamerica. Influenced by their colour, line, and minimalism, Wyse works exclusively with acrylics, meticulously sanding each layer he puts down. His pleasant subject matter includes outdoorsy children at play, Winter activities, and Canadian animals.

His work is featured in private collections throughout the world.

Artwork by Peter Wyse

My Biggest Fan
My Biggest Fan10″ x 12″
Good Night
Good Night24″ x 12″
Listen6″ x 6″
My Bear
My Bear10″ x 10″
Summer's Bliss
Summer’s Bliss24″ x 36″
The Great Bear
The Great Bear24″ x 24″
Chirp6″ x 6″
Boys Day
Boys Day24″ x 24″
Air Show
Air Show24″ x 24″
The Lion Tamer
The Lion Tamer24″ x 24″
The Magic Hour
The Magic Hour12″ x 10″
The Silly Three
The Silly Three8″ x 16″
The Three Stars
The Three Stars24″ x 36″
Face Off
Face Off12″ x 12″SOLD
Snow Mobile
Snow Mobile10″ x 10″SOLD
Canada Girl
Canada Girl12″ x 12″SOLD
The First Star
The First Star16″ x 16″SOLD