Rachel Goossen

Rachel Goossen is a visual artist living and working in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Goossen received a Bachelor of Fine Art Honours from the University of Manitoba. Her work primarily focuses on themes in relation to memory, identity, and place through a mixed media practice. Her intuitive based process allows a direct connection and response to the spaces she is interpreting, letting the natural reduction of abstract shapes form. Breaking environments down to their formal qualities, Goossen creates contemporary compositions that produce uncharted territory within familiar places. She has had the opportunity to create numerous public art projects in downtown Winnipeg including murals, electrical box paintings, and shutter art for local businesses. Client Collaborations: Interior Illusions , Hut K Furniture & Design Store, Sage Creek Pointe Apartments​​

Artwork by Rachel Goossen

Windswept20″ x 20″
Secret Garden
Secret Garden30″ x 24″
Before the Fog Lifts
Before the Fog Lifts14″ x 11″
Foothills12″ x 12″
A Change in Season
A Change in Season12″ x 9″
Sunblind 1
Sunblind 114″ x 11″
Sunblind 2
Sunblind 214″ x 11″
Thawing 1
Thawing 110″ x 8″
Thawing 2
Thawing 210″ x 8″
Under Blue Skies
Under Blue Skies20″ x 20″
Pitti's Poppies
Pitti’s Poppies20″ x 20″SOLD
Reawakening21″ x 17″
Onward12″ x 9″
A Trace of Light
A Trace of Light14″ x 11″
Inner Landscape
Inner Landscape20″ x 20″