Raquel Roth

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Raquel Roth paints cheerful tapestry florals on canvas. Growing up in Trinidad, her love of colour stems from a vibrant childhood of island life and annual Carnival celebrations. She finds inspiration in the emotion art evokes and utilizes colour, with its many shades, tints, and tones, to celebrate the intricate palettes found in nature.

Roth has displayed her artwork across Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Alberta. In addition to painting, she is a dental clinical instructor at Dalhousie University.

Artwork by Raquel Roth

Let the Sunshine In
Let the Sunshine In20″ x 20″
Snow Day
Snow Day5″ x 5″
All in the Family
All in the Family10″ x 20″
Something Magical
Something Magical20″ x 20″
Free Fall
Free Fall16″ x 12″
Mum's the Word
Mum’s the Word12″ x 12″
Twilight Garden
Twilight Garden18″ x 24″
An Evening in the Park
Cleo12″ x 12″
Noel5″ x 5″
Be Merry
Be Merry5″ x 5″
Scooter8″ x 8″SOLD
Lucky10″ x 10″
Infatuation20″ x 16″
Evening Tapestry
Evening Tapestry16″ x 12″
Moonlight Tapestry
Moonlight Tapestry14″ x 14″
Tulip Time 1
Tulip Time 17″ x 5″SOLD
Daisy8″ x 8″SOLD
Winter's Magic
Winter’s Magic5″ x 5″SOLD
Tulip Time 2
Tulip Time 27″ x 5″SOLD
Oh Silent Night
Oh Silent Night5″ x 7″SOLD
Holiday Joy
Holiday Joy7″ x 5″SOLD
Wonderful in White
Wonderful in White12″ x 12″SOLD
Bella20″ x 16″SOLD