Robert Roy

Robert Roy was born in 1957 in Ste-Perpetue, Quebec. He discovered painting as a young adult from his father and studied art at the University of Quebec in Trois-Rivieres.

Beginning with charcoal and ink drawings, Roy captures the foundation of his images before adding oil paints. His loose, expressionistic painting style beautifully captures the Quebec landscape and his love of Winter sports.

His work is represented in galleries across Canada.

Artwork by Robert Roy

Le grand but
Le grand but20″ x 24″
L’entraînement12″ x 24″
Les vedettes
Les vedettes24″ x 30″
Les voisins
Les voisins48″ x 48″
Souviens-toi36″ x 48″
Super héros
Super héros30″ x 36″
Journee amusante
Journee amusante24″ x 30″
Evasion12″ x 24″
Etre actif
Etre actif10″ x 12″
Créer l'ambiance
Créer l’ambiance36″ x 48″
Charme de l'hiver
Charme de l’hiver30″ x 40″
Calme et paix
Calme et paix18″ x 24″
Beaute d'hiver
Beaute d’hiver20″ x 24″
La tradition
La tradition40″ x 30″SOLD
Espace intime
Espace intime10″ x 12″SOLD
Le temps de vivre
Le temps de vivre36″ x 36″SOLD