Rod Charlesworth

Rod Charlesworth was born in Northern British Columbia and moved to the Okanagan as a child. He has been greatly inspired by the Impressionists and Thom Thomson of the Group of Seven. His paintings often depict thick forests, mountains, and lakes, as well as urban villages with children at play. Applying bold colour and brushstrokes to his paintings, Charlesworth explores colour and light within Canada’s varied landscapes.

His paintings are collected internationally and represented across Canada.

Artwork by Rod Charlesworth

Wheaties24″ x 24″
Northern Harmonies
Northern Harmonies15″ x 30″
Rosy Cheeks
Rosy Cheeks12″ x 12″
Northern Autumn
Northern Autumn10″ x 14″
Between Seasons
Between Seasons18″ x 36″
Sunday Shinny
Sunday Shinny18″ x 24″
July Colours, NWT
July Colours, NWT18″ x 36″
Stewart River, Yukon
Stewart River, Yukon18″ x 36″
West of Jasper
West of Jasper12″ x 16″
Rockies Near Jasper
Rockies Near Jasper12″ x 16″
Bright Autumn
Bright Autumn20″ x 20″SOLD
Countryside Pond
Countryside Pond12″ x 12″SOLD
Nova Scotia, January
Nova Scotia, January16″ x 16″SOLD
Autumn Blue, North of Kenora
Gleams on Great Slave Lake
Gleams on Great Slave Lake24″ x 48″SOLD