Sharon Mark (ornaments)

Sharon Mark grew up in Hemmingford, Quebec, where she still makes her home. She was interested in art from a very early age, influenced by her grandmother who painted landscapes in oils.

A self-taught artist, Mark was always attracted to landscapes as her subject matter. Using a naive, folk style, her tranquil country scenes are often filled with people and animals. She is highly influenced by the surrounding countryside, its farmlands, apple orchards, old stone houses, historic barns, and streams. Her close proximity to the Eastern Townships, the Charlevoix area and Maritimes also inspire her work.

Mark’s paintings are cheery and nostalgic, depicting an innocent world free of troubles and worries. Her work evokes a romantic view of family life, where chores and responsibilities are shared with free time to play and pursue one’s hobbies.

Mark started showing her work locally in the 1980’s and exhibiting in galleries in 1992. Her work is represented by galleries across Canada.

Artwork by Sharon Mark (ornaments)

Ready For Cocoa Ornament
Ready For Cocoa Ornament3″ x 3″SOLD
Fresh Snow Ornament
Making Friends Ornament
Making Friends Ornament3″ x 3″SOLD
Off We Go Ornament
Off We Go Ornament3″ x 3″
A Winter Path Ornament
A Winter Path Ornament3″ x 2″SOLD
It's Snowing Ornament
It’s Snowing Ornament3.5″ x 3.5″SOLD
Winter Glory Ornament
Winter Glory Ornament3.5″ x 3.5″SOLD
Home For The Holidays Ornament
Home For The Holidays Ornament3.5″ x 3.5″SOLD
Away We Go Ornament
Away We Go Ornament3″ x 3″SOLD
Quiet Afternoon Ornament
Quiet Afternoon Ornament4″ x 2″SOLD
Love Is Here Ornament
Love Is Here Ornament3″ x 2″SOLD
In The Clearing Ornament
In The Clearing Ornament2″ x 2″SOLD
Skate Date Ornament
Skate Date Ornament3″ x 3″SOLD
Nature Walk Ornament
Nature Walk Ornament3″ x 3″SOLD
Time For Dinner Ornament
Time For Dinner Ornament3″ x 3″SOLD