Sophie Paquet

Sophie Paquet was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1963. She studied arts at Sainte-Foy College and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Laval University in 1985.

Working primarily in acrylics and oil pastels, she paints dynamic florals full of vitality and joy. With a background in design she approaches her work intuitively, applying layers of bold colour and texture through gestured brushstrokes. These elements come together in an alliance of haphazard harmony

Paquet is represented in galleries across Canada. Her paintings are held in collections across Canada and the United States.

Artwork by Sophie Paquet

Memories30″ x 30″
Mon Jardin
Mon Jardin36″ x 6″
La saison du Bonheur
La saison du Bonheur40″ x 30″
Spring Colour
Spring Colour16″ x 16″
Bouquet12″ x 16″
Day By Day
Day By Day12″ x 12″
Apres Soleil
Apres Soleil20″ x 10″SOLD
Loving You
Loving You18″ x 18″
All For You
All For You60″ x 30″
Sweet Yellow
Sweet Yellow30″ x 40″
Passion16″ x 12″
Imagine30″ x 30″SOLD
Stop the Rain
Stop the Rain20″ x 60″SOLD
Magnifique Rose
Magnifique Rose30″ x 24″SOLD
Bright Summer
Bright Summer36″ x 6″SOLD
Lovely Summer
Lovely Summer36″ x 6″SOLD
Eclat de Jaune
Eclat de Jaune36″ x 6″SOLD