Terry Ananny

Terry Ananny was born in 1956 in Toronto, Ontario. As a child, she spent summers on Lake Muskoka and travelled to Quebec, where the breathtaking scenery left her with lasting impressions of Canada’s diverse landscape and culture. Her whimsical paintings often depict children at play in cozy villages. Using a bright colour palette, Ananny’s paintings tell stories and spread joy.

Her works are held in many Canadian and international corporate collections. Canadian Prime Ministers, Governor Generals and the Government of Canada have collected her work over the past two decades. Her work has been commissioned for a Canadian coin design and selected each year for a UNICEF Christmas card since 1998. Her work is also seen on Hallmark, Save the Children, Children’s Wish Foundation, Canadian Greetings and Island Art greeting cards. 

Ananny lives in Ottawa, Ontario and her work is represented in galleries across Canada and the United States.

Artwork by Terry Ananny

Fall Countryside
Fall Countryside8″ x 10″
Fall Village
Fall Village5″ x 7″
Garden Party
Garden Party12″ x 16″
Gatineau Hills
Gatineau Hills11″ x 14″
Maple Syrup Time
Maple Syrup Time11″ x 14″
Skating at the Rink
Skating at the Rink12″ x 16″
Spring Thaw
Spring Thaw5″ x 7″
Summertime10″ x 12″
Building the Snow Fort
Building the Snow Fort16″ x 20″SOLD
Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea10″ x 12″SOLD
Summer Picnic
Summer Picnic16″ x 20″SOLD