Digital Mock-Ups

Are you ready to find a painting for that big empty wall but not sure which artist(s) you like best, what size or shape to look at, or even what colours will work?

Let us inspire you with our latest complimentary service!

In addition to bringing paintings home on trial, we now offer complimentary digital mock-ups for your walls. If you feel overwhelmed by options and aren’t ready to try artwork at home just yet, this is a great option to get things in motion!

Simply email us a photo of the space(s) you’re looking to fill, showing as much of the wall as possible (ideally with floor and/or ceiling within the photo), and total wall height measurement (ie. 8 ft).

Let us know which Gallery Artists or styles you’re attracted to, any paintings you’re interested in, or if there are any colours you’re looking to bring out in the space. We’ll send you a private, personalized catalogue of our best suggestions!

Save time and energy and consult the experts!

We regularly rotate the artwork in the gallery, finding unique pairings and displays for each wall. Allow us to provide suggestions with a fresh set of eyes and you may find you’re pleasantly surprised!

Contact us to get started!

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