Hues & Hills

A Duo Exhibition of New Paintings By Gerard Lapointe & Guy Roy

November 8 – November 23, 2019

Woodlands Gallery presents artists, Gerard Lapointe and Guy Roy, in a duo-exhibition of paintings depicting Charlevoix and the Quebec countryside. Take a stroll among autumnal trees and observe quaint houses speckled among rolling hills and snow-covered mountains. Discover the magic that makes this area an idyllic pool of inspiration, that pulls these artists to paint it year after year.

Originally a draughtsman, Gerard Lapointe shifted his focus to painting after discovering its potential and freedom of expression. His distinctive, Impressionistic painting style is charming and poetic, as he experiments with colour and form, reinventing the world around him. Lapointe currently lives in Charlevoix, Quebec.

Inspired by the grandeur of nature, Guy Roy paints en plein air using an impasto technique to depict Charlevoix’s lush foliage and towering hills. Motivated by a desire to combine representational and abstract art, Roy uses thick paint and vivid colours to bring depth and movement into his scenes.

Hues and hills unite as Gerard Lapointe and Guy Roy capture the breathtaking beauty of Quebec’s countryside with their distinctive and imaginative painting styles.

Closing Reception & Holiday Open House:
Saturday, November 23rd, 1:00-4:00pm
View our Holiday Collection.

Exhibition Artwork