Spring in February

Bring on the florals, let’s ring in an early Spring!

February 10 – February 25, 2024

With mild temperatures and little snow, Spring feels closer than ever this year. Let’s ring in an early Spring with beautiful paintings, big and small, from several of our Gallery Artists!

Please join us for our first-ever Valentine Making Party THIS Saturday, February 10th! It’s free to attend, we’re serving light refreshments and will have several card-making stations set up around the gallery. Bring your mom, children, and friends and stay as long as you’d like! We’ll have things set up from 12pm to 4pm.

Exhibition Artwork

Nicki Ault
Spectrum10″ x 10″
Reminds Me of Someone
Jennifer Caie
Reminds Me of Someone10″ x 10″
Plum Blossoms
Jennifer Caie
Plum Blossoms10″ x 10″
Looking For Light
Jennifer Caie
Looking For Light8″ x 8″
Jennifer Caie
Lilac6″ x 6″
Jennifer Caie
Reflections12″ x 12″
Connie Geerts
Fleur20″ x 16″
just short of sure
Kimberly Kiel
just short of sure24″ x 48″
all it was
Kimberly Kiel
all it was48″ x 48″
from start to finish
Kimberly Kiel
from start to finish36″ x 30″
Home For a Rest
Megan MacDonald
Home For a Rest10″ x 10″
Megan MacDonald
Solstice8″ x 10″
Assorted Neapolitan Mini Vases
Maria Ida Designs
Slumber Party Bubble Bowl
Maria Ida Designs
Slumber Party Bubble Bowl2.5″ x 3.75″
Prairie Sky
Monica Morrill
Prairie Sky30″ x 40″
Prairie Sunset IV
Monica Morrill
Prairie Sunset IV18″ x 18″
Come Closer
Sophie Paquet
Come Closer30″ x 30″
Blueberry Jam Toast
Michelle Pereira
Let the Sunshine In
Raquel Roth
Let the Sunshine In20″ x 20″
All in the Family
Raquel Roth
All in the Family10″ x 20″
Tulip Time 1
Raquel Roth
Tulip Time 17″ x 5″
Naturally Zen
Brandi Shabaga
Naturally Zen20″ x 20″
Floral Study 1 - Banana Leaves
Brandi Shabaga
Carolina Wren
Brandi Shabaga
Carolina Wren6″ x 6″
Wordle Love & Friendship Card
Wild Canary Studio
Toast Love & Friendship Card
Wild Canary Studio