Steve R. Coffey

Steve Coffey was born in Portage la Prairie and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After completing an MFA at the University of Regina in 1990, he practiced as a metal sculptor, eventually finding his way to oil painting. He now lives in Vulcan, Alberta with his wife and two daughters, dividing his time between painting and performing with his band, The Lokels. 

Noting influences such as The Group of Seven, Emily Carr, and Alex Colville, Coffey’s paintings feature impressionistic prairie landscapes. Shimmering light and nostalgia permeate his swirling skies and clotheslines as he paints largely from memory.

He has exhibited extensively and his work can be found in private and public collections throughout North America and Europe.

Artwork by Steve R. Coffey

Prairie Rattle
Prairie Rattle18″ x 24″
Summer Cloud Parade
Summer Cloud Parade42″ x 30″
Night Light
Night Light24″ x 36″
Summer Rattle
Summer Rattle36″ x 30″
See11″ x 14″
Kate8″ x 10″
Summer Hill Trail
Summer Hill Trail12″ x 12″
Morning Pole Road
Morning Pole Road24″ x 30″
Painting Season
Painting Season24″ x 30″
Lunar Neighbours
Lunar Neighbours24″ x 36″
Soft Forest
Soft Forest18″ x 36″
Late Rains
Late Rains20″ x 20″
Melting Field
Melting Field36″ x 40″
Afternoon Drift
Afternoon Drift12″ x 16″
Moonlight Contemplate
Moonlight Contemplate40″ x 30″
Dust Dusk
Dust Dusk12″ x 16″
The Cows to Water
The Cows to Water24″ x 36″
The Summer Mill
The Summer Mill24″ x 36″
Two Trees
Two Trees36″ x 18″
A Road Passes Through
A Road Passes Through36″ x 40″SOLD
Sit36″ x 48″SOLD
Toward Evening
Toward Evening18″ x 24″SOLD
Turning16″ x 40″SOLD
Late Summer Wash
Late Summer Wash48″ x 30″SOLD
Evening Conversation
Evening Conversation36″ x 24″SOLD
The Dusk Slide
The Dusk Slide30″ x 40″SOLD
Into Light
Into Light36″ x 30″SOLD
Laundry Day
Laundry Day20″ x 26″SOLD