Alex Suprowich

Born in Gardenton, Manitoba, Alex Suprowich holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as a Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba. Now retired from teaching art in high school, he continues to teach painting part time at the Forum Art Institute.

Suprowich’s watercolour and mixed media paintings are mainly inspired by prairies. His interpretations are expressed through colour, line, and shape in a unique impressionistic and sometimes abstract style.

He has been a part of several juried shows and has been recipient of honourable mentions as well as a second place award for his work in the MSA show of 2000.

Artwork by Alex Suprowich

Autumn Joy
Autumn Joy24″ x 36″
B.C. Coastline I
B.C. Coastline I16″ x 25″
B.C. Coastline II
B.C. Coastline II15″ x 22″
Birds Hill Meadow
Birds Hill Meadow9.5″ x 24″
Autumn Dance II
Autumn Dance II20″ x 28″
Autumn Dance 1
Autumn Dance 120″ x 28″
September Morning
September Morning28″ x 40″
Summer at Hecla
Summer at Hecla16″ x 24″
Summer Dreams
Summer Dreams30″ x 40″
Whiteshell Forest
Whiteshell Forest19″ x 27″
Red River Valley
Red River Valley18″ x 26″
East Grand Beach
East Grand Beach18″ x 24″
November Light
November Light17″ x 25″
Prairie Winter
Prairie Winter16″ x 24″
Prairie Patterns
Prairie Patterns17.5″ x 27″SOLD
Twilight at Beaudry Park
Twilight at Beaudry Park14″ x 20″SOLD
Birds Hill Park I
Birds Hill Park I18″ x 24″SOLD
Birds Hill Park II
Birds Hill Park II18″ x 24″SOLD
Birds Hill 4
Birds Hill 45″ x 7″SOLD
Afterglow6.5″ x 9″SOLD
Passage21″ x 29″SOLD
Ancient Beaches 2
Ancient Beaches 224″ x 30″SOLD