McTavish Academy Art Kits

The McTavish Academy Of Art is a vibrant and inclusive creative arts facility located in a former elementary school building in North Saanich, BC.

Offering art classes, yoga, dance, event space rentals and more, it’s a place to explore creativity, discover new passions and experience a variety of events and activities. As a family owned and operated facility, they strive to provide space for our growing community to feel empowered and encouraged to express themselves through art, movement and community engagement.

McTavish Academy Art Kits are designed, made and packaged on Vancouver Island, BC. Each kit starts out as a drawing followed by a digital model separated into layers. The premium wood pieces are laser cut and boxed together with paints, brushes, wood glue, colour mixing guide and instructions. Ready to assemble and awaiting your creativity!

Watch unboxing video to see kit contents

Artwork by McTavish Academy Art Kits

Coastal Bear
Coastal Bear5″ x 8″
3D Bear
3D Bear7.5″ x 12″
Geometric Bear
Geometric Bear9″ x 9″
3D Bison
3D Bison6.5″ x 10″
3D Deer Family
3D Deer Family9″ x 8.5″
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree10″ x 10″
Mix & Match Monsters
Mix & Match Monsters6″ x 4″SOLD
Ornament Pack
Ornament Pack4″ x 3″SOLD
3D Snow Fox
3D Snow Fox9″ x 8.5″SOLD
Ornament Medley
Ornament Medley4.5″ x 4″SOLD