Cameron Bird

Cameron Bird studied art at Emily Carr College of Art and Capillano College, where he specialized in commercial art and professional sign painting. He was mentored by KC Smith for over ten years and began painting with oils professionally in the 1990’s. 

Bird’s paintings often depict scenes inspired from hiking, camping, and fishing trips in the Rocky Mountains. Working as a pack horse guide also provided him with plenty of reference material for his paintings. He often packs his tools with him to paint en plein air on these trips.

He lives in British Columbia with his wife and son and is represented in galleries across Canada.

Artwork by Cameron Bird

Morning Light Moose
Morning Light Moose30″ x 40″
The Silence of Evening
Northern Sunrise
Northern Sunrise12″ x 16″
A Force To Reckon With
A Slow Start
A Slow Start12″ x 16″
Summer Grizzly
Summer Grizzly16″ x 12″
Kenora Sundown
Kenora Sundown24″ x 35″
On a Winter's Night
On a Winter’s Night10″ x 12″
Pumpkin Harvest
Pumpkin Harvest12″ x 16″
Red Dawn - Moose
Red Dawn – Moose22″ x 28″
September at III Mile
September at III Mile24″ x 20″
Canadian Winter
Canadian Winter16″ x 20″
Border Stroll
Border Stroll36″ x 12″
Backwater Evening
Backwater Evening30″ x 24″
Aspen Patterns
Aspen Patterns20″ x 24″
Aspen Trio
Aspen Trio36″ x 12″
Woodland Bison
Woodland Bison12″ x 16″SOLD
Hudson Bay Ice
Hudson Bay Ice12″ x 16″SOLD
Sunset on Lake of the Woods
Sunset on Lake of the Woods30″ x 40″SOLD
Autumn Contrast - Grizzly
Autumn Contrast – Grizzly30″ x 40″SOLD
Prairie Dust - Buffalo
Prairie Dust – Buffalo12″ x 16″SOLD
Prairie King
Prairie King36″ x 12″SOLD
Autumn Patrol
Autumn Patrol30″ x 40″SOLD