Gerard Lapointe (1932-2022)

Gerard Lapointe lived and practiced his art in Charlevoix, Quebec. Originally a draughtsman, he shifted his focus to painting after discovering its potential and freedom of expression. 

Lapointe’s distinctive, Impressionistic painting style is charming and poetic, as he experiments with colour and form, reinventing the surrounding landscape. Autumnal trees and quaint houses are speckled among rolling hills and rounded mountains in his picturesque scenes of the Charlevoix region.

His paintings are held in private collections across Canada.

Artwork by Gerard Lapointe (1932-2022)

Le long du fleuve
Le long du fleuve10″ x 10″
Un jour calme
Un jour calme30″ x 36″
Fairyland24″ x 48″
Journée ensoleillée
Journée ensoleillée30″ x 40″
Un instant de paix
Un instant de paix30″ x 40″
Au coeur des Eboulements
Au coeur des Eboulements10″ x 10″SOLD
Fantaisie36″ x 36″SOLD
Toits verts
Toits verts10″ x 12″SOLD
Jusqu' a l'horizon
Jusqu’ a l’horizon30″ x 36″SOLD
Fin d'automne
Fin d’automne12″ x 12″SOLD
Prés de la rive
Prés de la rive12″ x 16″SOLD
Le ravin
Le ravin8″ x 10″SOLD
Sous l'arbre géant
Sous l’arbre géant8″ x 10″SOLD
L'arbre fantaisiste
L’arbre fantaisiste36″ x 48″SOLD
Le soir tombe
Le soir tombe11″ x 14″SOLD
Detour40″ x 48″SOLD