Hugh G. Rice

Hugh Rice was born in 1946 in Ireland. Educated at St. Joseph’s College of Education in Belfast, Ireland, he taught in Belfast as well as Zambia, Central Africa in 1974. He later earned a BA and MA (Education) with the Open University, UK. He has lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba since 2004 and spends several months a year in his native Ballycastle, Ireland. 

Whether he is painting in Canada or Ireland, Rice’s paintings are strongly influenced by his environment. Building up layers of paint, he rarely uses brushes, favouring rags and various tools around the studio instead. He creates large, abstracted Canadian prairies in the Summer, and the misty glens of Ireland in the Winter.

Rice’s work can be found in collections around the world.

Artwork by Hugh G. Rice

Next Stop II
Next Stop II36″ x 36″
Love It Here
Love It Here24″ x 36″
Not Leaving
Not Leaving22″ x 28″
A Taste of Joy
A Taste of Joy30″ x 40″
Prairie Gold
Prairie Gold30″ x 30″
Mountain View
Mountain View16″ x 16″
Step By Step I
Step By Step I16″ x 16″
Cool Breeze II
Cool Breeze II30″ x 30″
Near Home II
Near Home II36″ x 36″
I'm Staying Put
I’m Staying Put40″ x 40″
Just Stay Awhile
Just Stay Awhile30″ x 60″
Down Your Way
Down Your Way16″ x 20″
Walking Your Way
Walking Your Way16″ x 20″
Dreaming of You
Dreaming of You36″ x 36″
In My Sight
In My Sight48″ x 48″
Near You Now
Near You Now30″ x 36″
Looking For You
Looking For You40″ x 40″
Dancing in the Wind II
Cool Breeze II
Cool Breeze II36″ x 36″
Woodland Light
Woodland Light14″ x 14″
Travel Light
Travel Light30″ x 30″
Twiggy10″ x 4″
Branche17″ x 8″
Woody29″ x 14″
From a Distance I
From a Distance I40″ x 40″SOLD
Forest Walk
Forest Walk36″ x 36″SOLD
Time to Relax II
Time to Relax II36″ x 36″SOLD
My Place
My Place24″ x 48″SOLD
Should I Go?
Should I Go?30″ x 30″SOLD
You're Just Right III
You’re Just Right III40″ x 40″SOLD
My Roots Are Here III
My Roots Are Here III36″ x 36″SOLD
Dancing to the Wind
Dancing to the Wind40″ x 40″SOLD