Kimberly Kiel

Kimberly Kiel was born in Saskatchewan in 1972. After working in financial planning for over ten years, she sold her practice in 2003 in favour of something new. With a creative background in music and dance, she tried an art class and has been painting ever since. Kiel now resides on an acreage with her husband and two sons.

Working mainly with a palette knife and abundant piles of paint, Kiel shapes her impasto paintings into a world of dense forests, lush bouquets, and grand cocktail parties. Punchy colours and sensuous oil paints are whipped onto the canvas with fantastic energy, creating images that leap from the surface, inviting us in.

Her work is represented by galleries in Canada and Switzerland and found in corporate and private collections across Canada and internationally.

Artwork by Kimberly Kiel

I'm new here
I’m new here24″ x 24″
rewrite the rules
rewrite the rules24″ x 48″
downtown20″ x 30″
outdoor pursuits
outdoor pursuits10″ x 10″
let it snow
let it snow12″ x 16″
ready to ride
ready to ride12″ x 12″
ski season #3
ski season #312″ x 12″
as it goes
as it goes30″ x 40″
excited about it
excited about it72″ x 12″
everything's better
everything’s better12″ x 12″
bunny hill
bunny hill12″ x 16″
a breath of fresh air
a breath of fresh air30″ x 30″
gallery goers #2
gallery goers #216″ x 20″
every other second
every other second36″ x 12″
better than brand new
better than brand new48″ x 48″SOLD
sass & brass
sass & brass30″ x 40″SOLD
prairie home
prairie home16″ x 20″SOLD
ready to let go
ready to let go18″ x 24″SOLD
we don’t want to go home
we don’t want to go home36″ x 48″SOLD
taking a break
taking a break10″ x 10″SOLD
while, all the while
while, all the while24″ x 24″SOLD