Marcel Côté

Marcel Côté, a self-taught artist, began to paint in his early twenties. It was early on in his career that he developped an affinity for bright and vibrant colours. After exploring various themes he found that flowers allowed him the greatest personnal and aesthetic expression. His style is very expressive, using repeated glazes, similar to a watercolorist. Sometimes letting the canvas show through, he layers colours to lend relief and luminosity to his work. Using the palette knife one minute, the brush the next, Côté’s “dragonfly” flowers as well as his bouquets seduce by their joyous vibrancy.

Born in Limoilou in 1961, Marcel Côté now resides in a small village just outside of Quebec city.

Artwork by Marcel Côté

Être dans la lumière
L'amour des fleurs
L’amour des fleurs12″ x 12″
Élégances30″ x 30″
Amitié12″ x 12″
Joie30″ x 36″SOLD
Paix40″ x 40″SOLD
Une nature complexe
Une nature complexe30″ x 60″SOLD
À la vie
À la vie36″ x 30″SOLD
Fraîcheur36″ x 48″SOLD
La beauté de l'exception
Libre poésie
Libre poésie36″ x 12″SOLD
L'aube du soleil
L’aube du soleil18″ x 14″SOLD