Myriam Boulet

Myriam Boulet of ‘Rue Des Moulins’ is a ceramic artist based out of La Broquerie, Manitoba.

Artwork by Myriam Boulet

Small Jewelry Dish
Small Jewelry Dish1″ x 4″
Small Floral & Gold Plate
Taupe Gnomes Set
Taupe Gnomes Set4″ x 2″
Floral & Gold Mug
Floral & Gold Mug4.5″ x 5.5″SOLD
Large Floral & Gold Bowl
Large Floral & Gold Bowl7.5″ x 5″SOLD
Small Floral & Gold Bowl
Small Floral & Gold Bowl2.5″ x 4.5″SOLD
Large Floral & Gold Plate
Large Floral & Gold Plate1.5″ x 11″SOLD
Purple Gnomes Set
Purple Gnomes Set3.5″ x 2″SOLD
Blue Gnome
Blue Gnome4″ x 2″SOLD
Gnome Ornaments
Gnome Ornaments2″ x 1″SOLD
Purple Gnomes Set
Purple Gnomes Set2.5″ x 1.5″SOLD
Royal Blue Gnomes Set
Royal Blue Gnomes Set4″ x 2″SOLD