Mandy van Leeuwen

Mandy van Leeuwen is an award-winning contemporary realist painter. Since 1998, she has helped communities across Canada celebrate their culture, milestones, and local heroes by producing unforgettable landmarks. She creates works on canvas in her studio near Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Approaching her paintings with ‘magical realism’, she finds inspiration in the positive transformation of forgotten spaces and objects. Whether depicting old trailers, still life arrangements, or surreal landscapes, her paintings inspire us with a renewed sense of beauty.

Artwork by Mandy van Leeuwen

4th Ave
4th Ave48″ x 48″
Rate of Charge
Rate of Charge36″ x 30″
Red Wine
Red Wine30″ x 120″SOLD
Jets40″ x 30″SOLD
Mixed Tape
Mixed Tape18″ x 18″SOLD
Rearview36″ x 60″SOLD
A Wreck
A Wreck28″ x 28″SOLD
Summer Siesta
Summer Siesta24″ x 24″SOLD
Re-emergence48″ x 36″SOLD
Juliette40″ x 30″SOLD
The First Camper
The First Camper40″ x 40″SOLD