StandOut Puzzles

Producing premium Canadian art puzzles since 2016… Kelowna, British Columbia.

In June 2022, BC artist Peter Wyse launched his inaugural design, ‘Crossing the Sound’ – a celebration of good times on BC’s coastal waters.  ‘The Woo Hoo Gang’, a whimsical tribute to good times on Canada’s renowned ski hills, is scheduled for release in September. Welcome Peter!

Ottawa, Ontario artist Terry Ananny joins us for Holiday 2022. Her vibrant canvases of hockey, children at play and seasonal village scenes capture the spirit of Canadian life. ‘Curling on the Ottawa River’ is scheduled for release in September. The perfect gift for curling enthusiasts. Welcome Terry!

Artwork by StandOut Puzzles

Vino Rosso
Vino Rosso18″ x 24″
Turtle Cove
Turtle Cove18″ x 18″
Sunshine on a Saturday
Summer Vacation
Summer Vacation18″ x 24″
Romulus18″ x 24″
Magenta Mystery
Magenta Mystery18″ x 24″
Crossing the Sound
Crossing the Sound18″ x 24″
By the Shore
By the Shore18″ x 24″
The Woo Hoo Gang
The Woo Hoo Gang18″ x 24″
Seize the Moment
Seize the Moment18″ x 24″
A Vision of Loveliness
Marshmallow Flowers
Marshmallow Flowers18″ x 24″
Sweet Days of Summer
Sweet Days of Summer18″ x 24″
Pathway to the Beach
Pathway to the Beach18″ x 24″
The Jig Is Up
The Jig Is Up18″ x 24″
Feeling A Little Blue
Feeling A Little Blue18″ x 24″SOLD