Tracey Kucheravy

Born in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Tracey Kucheravy currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba working as an engineering technologist and self-taught artist. After apprenticing with renowned Canadian landscape artist Gordon Harrison, she continues to hone her skills through travelling and artist residencies. Since her debut with Woodlands Gallery via our Supplementary Artists Program (SAP) in 2016, Kucheravy has cultivated a strong following while demonstrating incredible ingenuity as her work continues to evolve.

Kucheravy describes her work as ‘realistic impressionism’, building up layers of slippery glazes under solid, cellular plains. Warm and cool colours are set together, illuminating the billowing clouds, stoic islands, and silky lakes of eastern Manitoba.

Her paintings are held in private collections across Canada, UK, and United States.

Artwork by Tracey Kucheravy

Shoal Lake, Series 5
Shoal Lake, Series 510″ x 12″
Windswept Pine
Windswept Pine48″ x 18″
Under The Calm Sky 1
Under The Calm Sky 124″ x 23.5″SOLD
Evening Show, Falcon Trails
Evening Show, Falcon Trails12″ x 36″SOLD
Let Go And Let Be
Let Go And Let Be24″ x 8″SOLD
Morning Show, Falcon Trails
Evening Walk, Falcon Trails
Evening Walk, Falcon Trails11″ x 14″SOLD
Under a Fiery Sky 2
Under a Fiery Sky 216″ x 24″SOLD