SAP: Renew

Featuring Mandy van Leeuwen

March 1 – March 31, 2019

Spring is a time of new beginnings, when we shed our layers and stretch our legs. As brand-new works mingle with some never before shown and favourites from shows gone by, we invite you to witness for the first time or reacquaint yourself with these artists’ works. Restore your need for colour and rejuvenate your space with something from this fresh collection.

Woodlands Gallery presents RENEW: A group exhibition of gallery artists featuring artist Sophie Paquet for the first time and a spotlight on our fourth annual SAP exhibition with Mandy Van Leeuwen.

Our Supplementary Artists Program (SAP) features contemporary emerging artists from Manitoba for a limited engagement, providing them with gallery exposure and building on our mandate to support Canadian artists. This program also gives our clientele the opportunity to survey and purchase work from local artists who are not (or not yet) in our roster of artists. 

Mandy van Leeuwen is an award-winning contemporary realist painter creating works from her studio as well as sizeable murals throughout the prairies. She approaches her paintings with ‘magical realism’, finding inspiration in the positive transformation of forgotten spaces and objects. Whether depicting old trailers, still life arrangements, or surreal landscapes, her paintings inspire us with a renewed sense of beauty.

Exhibition Artwork

The First Camper
Mandy van Leeuwen
The First Camper40″ x 40″SOLD
Rate of Charge
Mandy van Leeuwen
Rate of Charge36″ x 30″
Mixed Tape
Mandy van Leeuwen
Mixed Tape18″ x 18″SOLD
Mandy van Leeuwen
Juliette40″ x 30″SOLD